Pag Bosana Coratia


Pag is a beautiful Croatian city on the island of the same name. Also known as the moon island. The shortage of vegetation and the multitude of rocks creates an amazing landscape. It is here that the famous Cheese Strips are made from sheep’s milk. They feed on herbs from rocky slopes. The tourist attractions of Pag annually attract tourists to pebble and rocky beaches. On the Island of Pag there is the famous Zrce beach where dance events take place. Near Pag, there are Bosan cliffs in the company of pebble beaches. Our apartment offers accommodation next to them.

Come to Pag

We are sure that the holidays spent in the Apartment Milas on the Island of Pag will leave great memories.

Apartment in Croatia

Apartment 5+1 in Croatia on the island of Pag in Bosana is located 50 meters from the famous Bosan cliff beaches. Two bedrooms, the first in a double bed and the second with one single and second bunk will allow comfortable spending time in Croatia for every family. A spacious bathroom with shower and a fully equipped kitchen will make you feel at home. The living room has a sofa and a TV. The apartment is facing the bay. On the premises you can use the grill and gazebo with a table and benches.

The apartment is located 4 km outside of the city of Pag, it will not take more than 10 minutes to reach the first grocery store. The area is quiet and lets you take a break from the hustle and bustle that other tourists create.

Apartment Beach

Apartment Outside

Apartment Inside

Bošana Beach

No more than 50 m from the apartment there is a pebble beach under the cliff. The descent to the water is gentle and the shade that gives the cliff allows comfortable relaxation for families with small children.

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